Friday, January 8, 2010

He's a Rebel from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

My stepson is 11. I have been in his life for 7 years. He has begun to steal money from us, not a lot but I am concerned. We have spoken to him about it.

He is a loner, who enjoys television and computer games. No friends at home but mixes well at school. He has been a good child until recently.

He has a 6 year old sister who he "hates." He fights or hits her constantly. He is enormously jealous of her natural abilities and cheerful, attention-getting extroverted personality. I fear his stealing is a cry for attention. What should we do?

--Suspicious Stepmom

Jamie says: Your stepson is at an age where his psyche is rapidly maturing. He's growing up and you need to recognize that his needs are growing with him. You say he enjoys "computer games." Is that all he has? Does he have a PS3? Wii? XBox? Your stepson is crying out for a proper gaming system. Get him one, and he'll stop torturing his sister. He'll have better things to do. I promise.

P.S. Your daughter probably has no "natural abilities" at six, unless you mean picking her nose and deftly hiding the booger under the couch. Stop being such a ridiculous doting mother and buy your 11-year-old more stuff.

John says: You are not his real mom, and you can't tell him what to do. You can't possibly understand the pain he is going through. You just don't know what it's like to be a teenager and you clearly don't care. i hate it here! AS SOON AS I'M 18 I'M MOVING OUT! I HATE YOU AND I HATE DAD FOR MARRYING YOU. JUST......JUST......UHHHHGGG.....JUST GO TO HELL AND LEAVE ME ALONE!


  1. In his life for seven years and a six-year old sister...
    Sounds to me like this isn't his sister, but his half-sister. It also sounds like you're completely biased towards your own flesh. No wonder the kid hates so much. It has to do with the way he was raised and neglected. Don't rule out having to dish out for psychology in the future.

  2. Good answer! Good answer! Maybe you should be answering these questions, Cody.