Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hypothetical You

Joe, who reports to Jill, has worked in the marketing department for several months and has always appeared to have a good working relationship with Jill. Joe comes to you (Jill's supervisor) today, however, to complain about the fact that over the last month of two each time he and Jill meet to discuss the department, she touches and rubs Joe on the upper arms and back. Joe has been uncomfortable with Jill touching him in this way for the past two months, however, he has not come to you until today with his complaint. Joe also tells that the reason he is coming to you now with his complaint is that Jill asked Joe to meet him after work at a local bar to discuss "business" and winked at him when she said business.

How should you address this problem?


Jamie says: I'd fire Jill. What's she doing coming on to Joe when I'm around, anyway? I'm her supervisor, I'm in the position of power. A real go-getter would be hitting on me, trying to earn that promotion. I don't think Jill has a future at the company. She's out.

John says: The real question is, why Joe is such a pussy? Everybody in the office has had a go at Jill, it's her thing. Now, this goody two-shoe nancy-boy decides he's "uncomfortable". The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is knowing there is a limp wrist-ed sissy prancing around my office. I'd fire Joe and nail Jill in the supply closet.

Jamie says: Who said Jill was hot, John? You guys just picture what you want to picture. Lah lah lah lah lah!

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