Thursday, January 7, 2010

When the Biscuits Run Out

It's been snowy here for two days - a rarity in the UK. Although I was able to walk into town yesterday and do some shopping, my thoughts are turning to cannibalism. Is it ok to kill and eat my family?


Jamie says: Since you're living in a third world country* it should not be taboo to eat your family. In a country of savages, who will point the finger at you?

*The UK may not actually be a third world country. I have not done the research yet. However, I imagine it to be wrought with people squatting in ditches throwing feces at each other. Like in Mexico. Or China.

John says: Eating your family is the only option here. Not only will you spare yourself the nuisance of walking through streets covered in snow and feces, but you will also free up the TV (the tellie) to watch as much Graham Norton as your tiny British heart desires. Just be prepared, the human body is full of choice cuts and you'll need a lot of freezer space. Lucky for you, you probably have absurdly large yellow incisors that were made for cutting through thick pieces of flesh. God save the queen!

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